Friday, May 14, 2010

Wallwisher Update

We are back online and your child's post should show up! Thanks for the information: Caden, Gavin, Rebecca and Abigale!!

Hi Parents!
I am having trouble getting into my wallwisher account. I have contacted them and hope to hear back soon! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We have been writing poetry in our class during Writer's Workshop daily! Since last year, the student's poems have grown so much! They seem to really get what a good poet does when he/she writes a poem. We have been writing like we are musicians, using line breaks. Ask your child what those are and then have them log on below and write our class a poem! We will share it in class.

How animals grow and change

We had so much fun at the zoo this month! We saw a lot of animals and learned some new things that we didn't know!
We now have tadpoles in our classroom and we are enjoying watching them grow and change. They are starting to develop legs! We have watched videos on animals as well.
I would like to challenge your kids to look on the link below and post an amazing animal fact! It is a new thing that I would like to try. I hope that you enjoy looking at our class wall about animals!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We had such a great Sleepover day on Jan 29th! We studied all about our solar system from planets to stars to the sun. The children were very excited about our celebration day to bring it all together. We started with a breakfast that had a Stormtrooper there! We danced and ate and it was so much fun! Then we were on to the planetarium that our PE coaches set up! It was amazing. We danced and sang space worm songs and made out of this world picture frames! Mrs. KK and Mrs. Willett set up the coolest lightshow movie and dance party in the media center. We had a remarkable day that holds memories that will last a lifetime for the kids and myself. I am so lucky to work with people who always think out of the box and create unique experiences for our students.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Six Dinner Sid

Six Dinner Sid is a book by Inga Moore. It is about a cat who lived on Aristotle Street who had 6 different owners who fed him 6 different dinners. When he got a bad cough, he was taken to the vet 6 times and given 6 spoonfuls of medicine. The vet found out it was the same cat and when the owners found out, they only fed him one dinner. So Sid deceided to move to another street. Since they knew about Sid, they didn't care that he had six dinners.
Perfect- everything that is exactly right
Suspicious- Something is not the way it should be
Gullible- easily tricked
Nasty- bad or very umpleasant
Damp- slightly wet
Versatile- able to change easily

Saturday, October 10, 2009


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We have been learning about Matter in science! During this experiment, the students put on their scientist hats, got their science journals and did an experiment. We learned that jello starts as a solid, turns into a liquid and then becomes a solid again. They made predictions in their journal as Ms. Thomson and I preformed the experiment. They really enjoyed this hands on and I think they have a better understanding of how things can change when they get to "see" it happen!
Risk more than others think is safe.
Care more than others think is wise.
Dream more than others think is practical.
Expect more than others think is possible.